Hypes and revolutions in the field of learning & development!

I recently started a podcast to find out whether this new medium will help to disseminate the findings of our research to a broader audience and in this way bridge the gap between research and practice.

In every episode we aim to discuss a trend related to learning and development with a scientist and a practitioner. Think of iPads in the classroom, Virtual Reality training, MOOCs, 70:20:10, serious games, etc. The main question is to discuss whether this trend is a hype or a true revolution for the field of learning and development.

You can listen here to the first pilot episode. In this episode we discuss the trend of self-managing teams. In many companies and health organisations self-managing teams have been implemented in order to support employee and organisational development. But what are benefits and costs of working in self-managing teams and how does this work out in practice? Listen and find out to what extent this trend is a hype or a true revolution!

Many thanks to Tom Morssink and Maarten Renkema, my first guests who also helped to develop the format.

Pilotaflevering podcast trends op het gebied van leren en ontwikkeling: hype of revolutie?

De podcast is in het Nederlands, ik ben erg benieuwd wat je ervan vindt. Zou je een paar vragen hierover willen beantwoorden?